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Hi! My name is Sarah Tucker and I am Director and Founder of The Mortgage Mum Limited, and a proud Mummy to my two beautiful children – Sienna and Joshua. I set up The Mortgage Mum after my stint on The Voice UK to try and create a space for women in the financial services industry, an industry largely dominated by men, and to also create a flexible working model.

I was inspired by the school run. When I started meeting other women on the playground I realised how difficult it is for women who have children to work flexibly around the demands of their families. I found a variety of women and situations – I found stay at home Mums who felt unsatisfied, and unfulfilled, but didn’t want to give up the flexibility of being there for their children. I found other Mums who were doing jobs they hated in the evenings or in school hours just to fit it around childcare and others who were paying a FORTUNE in childcare to allow them to work in their previous roles – and they were sad they missed out on so much. I felt incredibly lucky to have the balance I enjoyed. A career that was thriving that I could successfully do from home; and a commitment to my children that I would drop them off and pick them up from school every day and never miss a special occasion! I could see there was a gap and a need, and I could also see that women like to deal with women. I didn’t realise when I became a mortgage broker while being a Mum that I was creating a blueprint for women in the future. I know this role inside out and I know the juggle these women face while studying for their CeMAP and then while working as a broker, so I feel qualified to mentor them throughout the process.

I wanted this to be available to women across the UK, not just in my local area, so I designed and developed an online system that meant we could remotely supervise, manage and connect with women anywhere in the UK and give them a unique opportunity to work for us, around their own life. This vision has become The Mortgage Mum, and it fills me with joy to see it become a reality!

The Mortgage Mum now consists of 12 incredible women who have trained and studied for their CeMAP qualification and are now working flexibly as brokers across the UK. Our aim is to one day have 100 Mortgage Mums across the UK so that every area has someone they can go to! We have around 200 women studying in our “Mortgage Mums in Training” private Facebook group, and that space has become a real community. A place where women can go to while they study for tips, support or advice.

We also provide monthly online “Mortgage Mums in Training” courses and a quarterly offering of the same course in London at Nationwide HQ in Threadneedle Street. This course is a fantastic opportunity for women to “try before they buy” and find out if The Mortgage Mum is for them, either while they study or before they embark on their studies. We always have a fantastic day filled with a real sense of women empowerment.

As a customer, The Mortgage Mum wants to stand out by being authentic, friendly and approachable. You will find via our social media platforms that our aim is to educate you and inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your mortgage and finances, as well as remove the stigma surrounding mortgage brokers. We are not all in offices Monday to Friday wearing suits! We work from home, some of us around our children (and the school run!), but all of us able to give excellent customer service.

Every week on most of our Instagram and Facebook pages you will find videos where we cover different topics on mortgages in an easy to understand format, giving you the opportunity to ask us questions discreetly rather than book an appointment with a broker. If you ever have a question you’d like us to cover, just message us directly.

We are here for you, and we are all different so there will be one of the team who you will feel drawn to work with who will be able to give you just what you need. We can’t wait to welcome you and your family, and we thank you for supporting our brand.

Sarah x