How to judge work in summer holidays

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Summer is a really important time for me. It’s one of the main reasons I decided to become a mortgage broker in 2015, when my daughter was 18 months old. Summer holidays were a massive part of my childhood growing up. There were certain places that we visited every summer, such as Godstone Farm, Marsh Farm, many different places and I have the happiest memories of those blissful six weeks when you’re a child and you’re off school. But what do the summer holidays look like when you’re a working mum?

It took me a long time to work out a system that works for the school summer holidays. With an ever-changing and evolving career with children at home, I learned best how I could manage my time but to also ensure that I gave them the best memories and experiences during those 6 weeks off school. We only get 18 summer holidays with our children, and I want to absorb and enjoy every summer with them!

In this video (below) I give you an insight into how I ‘manage’ my school holidays, allowing me to enjoy such precious and valuable time with my children whilst maintaining my business and still providing an excellent service. Hopefully this might inspire other self-employed parents out there, where you can get the balance right if you are organised. If you have other tips to share I’d love to hear them, so do pop them in the comments on either my YouTube or IGTV video, and please share with others to inspire them that they can enjoy a better life balance too!

Here at The Mortgage Mum, our team is the heart of our business, and our ethical work approach is to really encourage flexibility, and to allow these women control over their lives, and the ability to work around their families. Family is one of my core values, they are my world. But I’m also somebody who is ambitious, and I do want to work. I enjoy my work, and I want to do work as well.

Thank you for watching. You can also watch it over on my IGTV here.

Sarah X