It’s not always about equality, it’s about building equity first. It’s not always about equality.

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Jamie Lewis and I enjoyed an amazing lunch today with Sidney Wager of Barclays and this was one of the points raised…

We were talking about diversity and inclusion at length, among many other topics, and we spoke about the comments we’ve experienced in The Mortgage Mum recently with people questioning us on our all female team and whether we are being gender equal.

Sidney blew my mind with his eloquence on the concept of equity vs. equality 💥 

I wish I’d recorded it as he has such a calm, wise way with words – I’m sure this post won’t do it justice.

But in essence – equality can only exist if everyone starts on the same level.

Building equity is about getting people to the same level first….

THEN, and only then, can we focus on equality – the concept that we are all the same and should be treated as such.

When we started The Mortgage Mum, a lot of equity needed to be built for women in the sector…. And still does!!

We are only JUST starting to stand in similar places, but still there is more work that needs to be done.

And this is just equity needed on the gender gap. 

The ethnicity gap is even further behind. As are others.  

I wish I had a better image to illustrate the points made and the connections formed today. 

But we were too busy talking, laughing and inspiring to capture lunch. 

I do think this image shows it nicely though…

So next time you wonder “does The Mortgage Mum need to be careful about gender equality?” – take a look at this concept first!

Sarah Tucker – founder of The Mortgage Mum