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We are delighted to share with you a BONUS podcast episode. Available on all major podcast platforms.

In this special SPOTLIGHT series, Sarah Tucker wants you to get to know the women behind The Mortgage Mum brand.

“The more you get to know us, the more you are going to trust us with your finances. I believe that everyone has a story, and should have the space to share it. It’s important that we listen to others’ stories and share our own, and it is through doing this that we can make an impact on another human being, and help them on their own journey.”

In this episode, Sarah talks to @sonya_themortgagemum, the youngest member of The Mortgage Mum team, who somehow manages to make mortgages current, vibrant and attractive. Sonya joined The Mortgage Mum during lockdown and has made a HUGE impact on the team, and her clients.

In this episode, Sarah and Sonya talk about:

❣️ The power of social media!

❣️ The work that The Mortgage Mum are doing to empower and educate young people on mortgages and finance

❣️ What it’s like to be a broker in The Mortgage Mum team

❣️ What it’s really like when lots of women come together – is it as catty as people think it is?!

❣️ A bit about Sonya’s story – we all love to learn more about each other, and we ALL have a story.

Sonya is a fantastic mortgage broker, and is ready to help you with your mortgage needs if you feel drawn to work with her. Please contact us via our website or on social media. We would love to help you!

The Mortgage Mum is a team of 20 female brokers based all across the UK. They are passionate, driven, enthusiastic women who thrive from helping customers achieve their property dreams. They educate, empower and they give an excellent service from start to finish.

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Thank you so much for listening. 🙏

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