Merry Christmas from The Mortgage Mum

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If you have been following us on social media, you will see that we have been bringing you our version of the 12 Days of Christmas – each day introducing you to our amazing team. The Mortgage Mum is made up of 20 fantastic women and I want to celebrate them with you. You can learn more about our team on our website and head over to our social media to see the festive fun we have been having with our 12 Days of The Mortgage Mum Christmas. 🎄

Get to know our team here, what they love about Christmas and some interesting and amusing facts about them all…

First up we have Sally Mitchell from Dunmow, Essex. Sally says, ‘My favourite thing about Christmas is a champagne cocktail on Christmas morning whistthe children open their presents – a moment of bliss before the chaos of prepping lunch!” Her fun fact is… “I’ve got weird elbows – it’s like they were put on backwards! I had an x-ray recently and it took two radiographers and eight photographs to get a picture making them look normal!”

Next we have Jemma Joy, a Mortgage Broker from Horsham, West Sussex “My favourite part of Christmas is the build-up, the glitter, the anticipation and usually the social side of it, visiting family and then watching Cerise open all her presents.” Fun Fact about Jemma – She planned colour names for all her children, Pinks for the girls (Cerise & Fuchsia), and Blues for the boys (Sky and Cobalt). In the end, she had one child, a daughter called Cerise Skyla (so she got the Sky in there too) and then her dog is Sia shortened from Fuchsia. She just needs her Cobalt (Cobe) now!

Next we have Anjilla Fraser from Harlow. Anjilla says, “My favourite part of Christmas is being able to spend that special time with my family, indulging in all the delicious Christmas food!” Her fun fact is: “I once did a 12,000ft skydive!”

Jemma Stanley, another wonderful Mortgage Broker from Chelmsford, Essex, says “I love Christmas so much – I’d put my tree up in September if the other half let me!” Jemma’s fun fact: “I actually hate bubbles – champagne, prosecco, the lot! I’m a very cheap date!”

Next up is Tammy Janjua from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Tammy says, “What I love most about Christmas is the nice, warm and wintery atmosphere that’s inside and out. Christmas is a colourful celebration with lots of lights and decoration.” Her fun fact is this… “Did you know Santa did not always dress in red, initially he wore green, purple or blue! For many years this was the common theme for the jolly old man from the North Pole, however after Coca Cola decided to dress him red to match their brand, it stuck! So this is why he is always in red now!”

Karen is one of our Senior Mortgage Brokers and covers Hullbridge, Essex & Winterton-on-Sea, Norfolk. “My favourite part of Christmas – well there’s so much! But love that cosy feeling – Christmas jumper, twinkly lights, candles and a Baileys!” “A Fun Fact about me…On a visit to the National Maritime Museum with my husband, as a bit of fun I dressed up as Nelson whilst he disappeared for a bit. Only he’d been gone for a while and whilst I stood waiting for him, tourists thought I worked there and wanted me to stand with them for a photo. I thought I would look odd if I told them ‘oh it’s just an outfit I found hanging up’, so just went with it and acted as if I was the official Nelson at the Museum and stood with lots of strangers having my photo taken!”

Shelley Walker is one of our Senior Mortgage Brokers from Hockley, Essex. She says, “I love Christmas morning the most as I can have prosecco and chocolates for breakfast without feeling guilty!” Shelley’s fun fact: “One thing on my bucket list is to wing walk – I’ve always wanted to stand on the front like the Crunchie girl!”

Melissa Cook, another one of our Senior Mortgage Brokers is from Southend-on-Sea. She says, “What I love most about is Christmas is watching our favourite seasonal movies in our PJs!” Her fun fact is: “I can juggle 7 brussels sprouts – uncooked obviously!”

Paula Cook is one of our Mortgage Brokers from Leeds. “The best part of Christmas is to spend quality time together and relax as a family!” A Fun Fact about Paula: “I am a massive Leeds fan and I once queued for 3 hours to get player autographs for my son, only to find out we were queueing at the wrong door! I still haven’t managed to get them!!”

Victoria Turner is one of our Mortgage Brokers based in Chelmsford, Essex. “My favourite things about Christmas is taking part in all the fun festive activities with my family, doing some carol singing and enjoying a glass of mulled wine.” Her brilliant fun fact is… “I’ve been on Blue Peter three times and have the badges to prove it!”

Heather McLennan is from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire says, “My favourite part of Christmas is tracking where Santa is on Christmas Eve with the kids on the NORAD app – they get so excited!!” Her fun fact is… “Did you know that Terrys Chocolate Orange was originally Chocolate Apple?!”

Next we have Samreen Shaikh from Dagenham, London. Samreen says, “Christmas is a time to get together and remind ourselves how lucky we are to have friends and family who love us! I love seasonal spices – just dump a load of cinnamon, cardamom or ginger in anything you’re cooking and it suddenly tastes ‘Christmassy!'” Her fun fact is: “I would rather shop for kitchen gadgets than clothes or shoes! I am a crazy kitchen gadgets collector!”

Charlotte Kentish, a wonderful brilliant Mortgage Broker from South Woodham Ferrers, Essex. “I love the sheer amount of amazing food at Christmas time…by the time the festive period is over I look like a giant bauble!” Charlotte’s fun fact… “On my honeymoon I was taught how to twerk by two young, eager, rather inebriated American girls…I wouldn’t have minded but it was 11am and around the pool for all to see – I was mortified whilst my husband was loving life!”

Then we have Carolyne Fairfull, our Senior Protection Advisor based in Ashley, Staffordshire. “What I love most about Christmas is when our children and their partners arrive on Christmas Eve, with everything ready and Christmassy waiting for them. It’s wonderful!” Fun Fact about Carolyne – she loves to sing in a choir with 300 other women!

Sonya Matharu, one of our Senior Mortgage Brokers from Chichester, West Sussex, says, “I love everything about Christmas! Particularly all the family traditions. I also love the fact that I can drink Bucks Fizz before 10am without anyone judging!!” Her fun fact… “Love Actually is always the first Christmas film I watch to get into the Christmas spirit! I always save Elf until Christmas Eve, when I watch it with my older sister!”

Claire Davies from Goole, Yorkshire says, “What I love most about Christmas? Big family gatherings! My home being filled with love, laughter and lots of food!!” Her fun fact is… “My husband proposed to me on our first Christmas Day in our new house; he tied my engagement ring to the top of the Christmas Tree!”

Alison Lewis is our Administration Manager… “The best part about Christmas for me is the time to relax, no work, no school, no clubs, just us and the kiddies! Usual cheesy movies, Christmas lights, the fire and large tub of chocolates!!!” A Fun Fact about Alison… “After a bit of down time – I do love to have a Christmas tipple and to show the kids how a TikTok should be done – obviously they look at me very disapprovingly and thankfully to do not post!!”

Our founder Sarah Tucker, from Leigh-on-Sea says, “What I love most about Christmas is my fairy lights everywhere! My brother once said I must have been a moth in a past life as I love lights so much!” Her fun fact is: “My birthday is on Christmas Eve – so this always makes our Christmas build-up even more exciting for the kiddies…and me!”

Sue Hems, one of our mortgage Brokers located in Ashingdon, Essex says, “What I love about Christmas the most is waking up to the smell of the turkey that’s been slow cooked overnight! Now our kids have grown up we always start Christmas morning with a dip in the hot tub, with carols blaring, wearing Christmas hats and drinking Baileys!” Sue’s fun fact… “I once was the unbeaten champ at apple bobbing – although that was in my younger years – not so sure now!”

Another fabulous Mortgage Broker from our team, Colleen Sykes from Fareham in Hampshire. says, “I love Christmas because it’s a magical time for little ones and grown-ups alike.” Her fun fact is meeting her husband whilst cruising down the Nile!

On behalf of all of us here at The Mortgage Mum, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.