Mortgage Strategy Awards 2022

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9 months ago the Mortgage Strategy Awards was my first EVER industry event and it blew my mind 💥

I attended as a guest, and thought “this time next year I want our name up there in lights. I want The Mortgage Mum Limited to be up for an Award”

I also wanted to walk in with lots of Mortgage Mums by my side!

This year we got to go back as finalists in “Best Broker for Digital Innovation” alongside some amazing firms. And we walked away highly commended 🙏🏻

I was surrounded by 8 of my team!

AND I also got to sing on the stage 🎶 ,become a judge and even present an Award to West One Loans winners!

A lot can happen in 9 months!

And yes, I went for 2 dresses! One for the Awards and one for the performance!! Channeling my inner diva!

These events give us a great chance to see each other and connect, and as always I loved meeting and seeing wonderful industry friends – some of whom said things to me that really meant so much. You know who you are!

What a night! Until next time!

Thank you to Velvet Melville, Charlotte Covey-Crump and Rebekah Commane and Piers Johnson for asking me to be part of such a special event!