The Essential Guide to Mortgages when you’re Self Employed

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New Podcast Episode: The Essential Guide to Mortgages when you’re Self Employed, out now on Apple, Spotify and all other major podcast apps. ✨

– Can I get a mortgage if I am self employed?

– Can I get a Limited Company Director mortgage?

– Can I get a mortgage with one year of accounts?

– What documents are needed for a self employed mortgage application?

– Joint Mortgage, One Self Employed

– What income do mortgage companies look at for self employed?

In this episode, I answer your burning questions about mortgages for self-employed applicants and help you understand what is needed so that you feel educated and ready when it comes to submitting your company accounts, and applying for your mortgage!

Take a 20 minute break, grab a cuppa and listen in!

In the meantime, my top 3 tips for the self employed:

1. Be aware that you can’t have your cake and eat it! If you want to use your earnings to borrow money you need to declare them.

2. Try to ensure your latest year is not lower than the previous year. A lender usually takes an average of 2 years accounts but if the last year is lower they’ll use this figure.

3. Be organised and think ahead. My remortgage is due in 2022 so I’ll be making sure my accounts are well thought through in the 2 years leading up to this.

If you have any questions following this podcast please email me at I would love to help you!

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