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Lots of my followers ask me what books I read, and where I get my inspiration from all the quotes I share.

In this “The Mortgage Mum Book Club” video I wanted to share with you a number of books that I really recommend and many of them I listen to. I love an audio book, because I love listening to books whilst I’m cleaning, doing housework, getting ready in the morning etc. I can continue to learn, absorb and grow whilst getting on with other tasks in the background!

One of my favourite audible books that I am listening to at the moment is “Braving the Wilderness” by @brenebrown. Brene Brown is a huge influence for me. She wrote a book called “Daring Greatly”, which I absolutely adore, with inspiring content that keeps me brave and strong. If you haven’t discovered Brene Brown yet then definitely listen to the @oprah SuperSoul podcast featuring her and see if she resonates with you! She is amazing.

“The Universe Has Your Back” by @gabbybernstein is another fantastic read, especially if you’re learning about your relationship with the Universe. She talks about struggling with alcohol and bad lifestyle choices and how she turned her life around. She is an incredibly inspiring woman.

I’m currently reading “Life Leverage” by @robmooreprogressive, and I’m finding that really interesting, which was recommended to me by @catherinemorganmoneyexpert. That’s more of a business book.

I also love “Light is the New Black” – a book I have read cover to cover, and now open up daily for my dose of inspiration!

I always love to hear about books that are being recommended by you – books that have changed your life, books that have inspired you, or a book that you can dip in and out of anytime you need reassurance and reminding.

Please share your recommendations in the comments or on my IGTV and YouTube video below, whether they are about life, love, learning or otherwise.

Have a great week!

Sarah X

Sarah Tucker, founder of The Mortgage Mum