The Mortgage Mum Magic

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“There is Disney magic….

There is Christmas magic….

There is manifestation magic….

And then there is Mortgage Mum Magic

Now, that’s a brand-new kind…”

This video is a small glimpse into a huge moment for us as a business.

The moment we all got to meet one another face to face for the first time.

The moment we all got to celebrate one another, by expressing how we truly feel.

The moment Jamie Lewis and I got to reflect on our journey to get here and the deeper reasons of why this company means so much to us both.

The moment we awarded 6 of our team with trophies and were met with tears all round.

The moment we got to say thank you to these remarkable women for trusting us.

The moment we got to witness their joy at being seen, heard, and valued.

The moment we got to absorb in the true wonder and warmth of women supporting each other.

The moment we all realised just how much magic exists here.

There are many small moments that have made this business what it is today.

There are many small moments that have brought us all together.

And every time I watch this, I get tearful all over again.

This is a glimpse into The Mortgage Mum magic….

…. A magic that might exist inside you too….

In 2022 we’ll be welcoming new women into our family.

Could you be one of them?

The Mortgage Mum Awards 2021 were kindly sponsored by Mortgage Brain and Brightstar Financial. Videography produced by Dan Bryant at DMB Films.